Precious Prints

It would be a shame if we lost touch with the joy a printed image provides.  

There is a trend in recent times  for photos to only exist as digital files. They are posted online and lost in a sea of images on a computer or put on a USB stick and forgotten about for years.  It seem like the days of photo albums and quality framed photographs are a thing of the past. 

Although there is definitely a place for digital images, I place significant value on tangible products.  It is a far superior way to experience a photograph that represents something so dear to us, offering a reason to pause and recall special moments.

Giclée Prints 

They are something quite special - Archival quality fine art prints are museum standard, far more than a your average photo print.   

A Giclée printer sprays ink on to the surface of the paper, providing un paralleled richness, luminosity and lifelike detail.  What is more, the colours will not fade over time.  


It is so easy to buy an artwork and never get around to framing it.  Instead they just sit hidden away, months on end. 

A quality photograph of your dog deserves a quality frame to display it in.   I offer a range of frames that really complement the photography style and are appropriate for most homes.  They are sleek and stylish and ready to hang straight from the box.   

My frames are available in a variety of colours to suit your home.  They are professionally matted and fitted with a deep window mount that really elevates the image.  

Take the stress out of the framing process and allow me to arrange printing and framing for you.  Choose from white, black or natural finishes 

Frames also come in various sizes, accommodating A4/A3/A2 size prints.  The most popular by far is A3, as this tends to be closest to life-size do most small-medium dogs. 

"Thank you for immortalising me!"


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